New Music Video: Metronomy – Month of Sundays

Metronomy have revealed a new video for ‘Month Of Sundays’ from the British band’s fourth album Love Letters. For this album, it is obvious that everybody is working a lot to push the limits.

They did an amazing debut for their first song, Love Letters in February with the eternal, dreamy director Michel Gondry. This visual journey followed by Édouard Salier for “I’m Aquarius Game”, “Reservoir” from Daniel Brereton and the final piece of Metronomy’s visual wonderland for “Month of Sundays” directed by Callum Cooper.

“The effect I wanted to create was that of circular vection or more widely the illusions of self-motion,” Cooper told Dezeen.

The camera spins up and down and round and captures the band in a balloon on a multi-storey building.

To experience more, see the British band’s videos below:

Metronomy – I’m Aquarius Game

Metronomy – Reservoir

Metronomy – Love Letters

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