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Micael Reynaud and His Hypnotic Very Short Films

Micael Reynaud is a French freelance designer and stop-motion animator who creates mind blowing GIF animations unlike others. He describes his works as “hypnotic very short films”, and which are made with different techniques like slit-scanning, time-lapse, zoom, slit cam. He enjoys working on Gifs because of their added fluidity, compared to stop-motion.

“I’m a freelance graphic designer, but the more time goes on, I’m a bit older, and I want to work for myself in an artistic way. So I come back to my first loves: photography, drawing, and additionally experimenting with machines,” “If I find something interesting, I want to explore the thing. I don’t want to repeat the past, but discover new things. The process is a more artistic one…I want to surprise myself,” Reynaud says.

Here are some of his works.

Micael Reynaud GIF





Micael Reynaud GIF

Gotcha !! from dunun on Vimeo.

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