Carsten Nicolai sees the time in a different linear

Carsten Nicolai, a German artist, musician and producer and a leading figure in contemporary art scene that experiments interactions between vision, sound, architecture, science and technology

He plays with the perspective by visual and audio motives together with the concepts of space and time and his works enter into the viewer’s physical sphere and give a ground to read the signs, shapes and forms. It is a tool to understand how we are building our on reality and how our brain completes the images that we perceived.

“When you look inside the outer space, which is the screen, the screen opens an outer space I don’t see the screen as two dimensional object, it is a free dimensional object.” says Nicolai

Unidisplay, an installation measuring about 40 metres in length, combines the most important elements of Nicolai’s work: visual semiotics to examine various theories of perception. Minimal aesthetics translated into the monotone use of colour and acoustics, and the propensity towards abstraction and the infinite. This version of the installation unidisplay was specifically modified and extended for SonarPLANTA.

Carsten Nicolai – unidisplay from studio cn on Vimeo.

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